Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rational responses to creationist crap!

Monday, September 21, 2009

More stupidity from Ray Comfort.

Sorry I missed No Gods Sunday.
Hopefully this will make up for it.

Ray Comfort shows just how ignorant he is in this video with Pat Roberts.

And here is a link to the website Ray Comfort mentions in the video, http://www.pulltheplugonatheism.com/

He has "declared war" against atheists.

Has a vivid imagination.

And really is an ignorant fool.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Good news - bad news.

1. The good news - to celebrate the 150th anniversarry of the Origin of Species, the book will be freely distributed in more than 50 universities in the US.

The bad news - it is going to be distributed by a religious wackaloon. Ray comfort, who has written a 50 page preface to the book, is going to freely distribute 50,000 copies in an attempt to give students a chance to consider "the other side" of the origins issue.

Here is a link to the 50 page intro:http://assets.livingwaters.com/pdf/OriginofSpecies.pdf

2. The good news - we may have found the anti-christ.

The bad news - the anti-christ doesn't exist. Frank Schaeffer talks with Rachel Maddow about a bizarre NJ poll that showed 35% of the conservatives in that state believe Obama is the anti-christ.

My favourite line during this interview: "We have a village idiot in this country, it's called fundamentalist Christianity".

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

George Monbiot vs. Ian Plimer. Maybe.

With the publication of Ian Plimer's book, Heaven and Earth, he has raised more than a few eyebrows.

George Monbiot has written an interesting article about this book, http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2009/jul/10/ian-pilmer-climate-change-spectator

In response, Ian Pilmer has called for a debate.
Not a scientific debate, of course, but a publicity debate.
As is typical with global warming deniers.
Without any evidence to support their bold claims they are reduced to attempting to ridicule their opponents.

Of course George Monbiot is no fool. He easily has seen through this deception and has respectfully asked for a more scientific rather than publicity based debate.
Unfortunately Ian Plimer appears to be unwilling to respond.

For all the details visit the links below;

Also, another article from George Monbiot.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A few interesting things to think about.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

No gods Sunday.

Welcome to no gods Sunday.

A day to reflect upon a life, well lived I might add, that has nothing to do with paying homage to any god.

With that in mind, lets take a brief look at the people who do believe in a god.
I'm not picky about which god they believe in but, I'm sure there will be one who gets more attention then any of the others.

Let's begin.

The first thing that comes to mind here, and I don't know why, is that this is a prime example of a parent eating it's young.

Think he'll ever be allowed back in that church?

Some times religion can be bad for your health, as this story shows.
Looks like god saved him from the elevator so that he could kill him with a stone statue.

Is this guy serious?
A website, run by a Turkish Islamic Creationist, accuses Darwinists of plotting to take over the world.
And their demanding an apology!
Check it out at, http://tr1.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/9546/THE_GLOBAL_DARWINIST_DICTATORSHIP_MUST_APOLOGIZE_TO_THE_ENTIRE_WORLD!
and http://tr1.harunyahya.com/Detail/T/EDCRFV/productId/9653/A_STATEMENT_TO_DARWINISTS


Christian creationists aren't the only ones who are delusional.

I'll end with something positive.
A few quotes from the Dalai Lama in his book How to see yourself as you really are.

"While I point out the fundamental parallels between various world religions, I do not advocate a new "world religion." All the different religions of the world are needed to enrich human experience and world civilization."

Also, "Our human minds, with all their variety, need different approaches to peace and happiness. It is just like varieties of food. Certain people find Christianity more appealing; others prefer Buddhism because it does not advocate a creator-everything depends upon your own actions."

Also, "The point is clear: humanity needs all the world's religions to suit varied ways of life, diverse spiritual needs, and inherited national traditions."

Also, "If all religions make the betterment of humanity their main concern, they can work together for world peace."

And finally, "Each religion makes its own distinctive contributions, and each in its own way is suited to the orientation of a particular group of people. The world needs them all."

Unfortunately there are some, actually a lot of, religious groups who believe they are the only "true religion" and that it is their mission to eradicate all of the other religious groups.

These groups do not promote world peace, they only bring violence and suffering to the world.

These groups must change.

If they do not, the may find themselves growing smaller and smaller until they are no more.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

An hour of my life that I will never get back.

That's what it seems like.
Earlier today, after watching the video about Ignatieff launching a scathing attack against Harper, I read some of the comments.


I couldn't believe the crap I was reading from one particular commenter, named Tilbily.

I quote,
"Anybody can read the long list of atheist leaders who murdered millions. And the number is still rising.

And it takes a lefty to force a $300 mill election during an economic downturn."

So I, regretably, responded.
"And yet, the list of atheist leaders is still not as long as the list of religious leaders who have used the excuse of righteousness through god to murder millions.
The slaughter of innocents in the name of god still continues today.
Unfortunately we, as a society are unwilling to stop this genocide.
Why is that I wonder.
What ever the reason, making a bold statement that atheist leaders have, and continue to, murdered millions is highly prejudicial and ignorant.

Tilbily's response,
"You have some work to do. Those are political leaders who've done evil in the NAME of religon. They were phony, with the exception of 911.
Communists don't respect life, they USE it for their purpose and dispose.

So Iggy doesn't like Ukrainians, eh???

Of course, this is all to get the attention off Ignatieff. And Canadians made it clear they are content and DON'T want a $300 mill election and the same gov setup."

He wasn't finished yet,
"Atheists have and continue to murder millions: Stalin, N.Korea, China, Cuba.....

So Justin Trudeau doesn't like Iggy either?
That was/is such a divided party.
Canadians are tired of their infighting and wrangling for power with each other. "

I responded again, in two parts,
"Lets go in reverse order.
1. Communists don't respect life.
How do you know, for sure, that communists don't respect life?
Are you a communist?
Have you conducted a pole of all communists?
Your statement is to generalized and has no support. Look up, dicto simpliciter.

2. Somehow 9/11 gets a pass, I guess it was real.
In what way was it real?
Did the hijackers really believe they where doing gods work?
Or did they just simply fly the planes into the buildings?
Seen next post for more."
"3.Political leaders, who use their religious beliefs as an excuse to commit mass murder are not really a problem because they are "phony".
Does this include such political leaders as Slobodan Milošević , Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir and Ariel Sharon, look up the Sabra and Shatila massacre?
4. The "hate" commercial you got the Trudeau quote from is just a quote mining hatchet job.
5. The liberal party allows it's members to speak for themselves, unlike the Harper conservatives.
Get back to work."

As I expected he responded,
"SO you don't deny Iggy is also a communist and you don't answer the question. Neither will I answer yours.

I wonder why he abandoned his wife and kids and only kept in contact with the kids by rare phone calls??

I get a kick out of Justin Trudeau basically calling him a untrustworthy :)"

After this "wonderful" response I knew I wasn't dealing with a person grounded in reality.

I made another attempt to illicit an intelligent response, knowing full well that I couldn't,
"When did you ask me if Iggy was a communist?

Iggy is a Liberal, not a communist.

Your statement, Neither will I answer yours, seems rather childish.

I can see that this discussion will go no where.

Can you provide proof that Iggy abandoned his wife and kids?
Perhaps a link to a web site or something."

This guy is not of this world. As is true to form with this type of discourse he resorts to a personal attack,
"LOL! A marxist with nothing to do and ignoorant to boot.

China, Cuba, N.Korea, Stalin, oh heck even Putin if you look at him the wrong way.

And Iggy sure got himself a protest from Ukrainian Canadians. They know what he's about.

And the Trudeau family aren't strangers to communism. I imagine a lie here/there is all part of business for these for them.

300 Mill to be spent for nothing!
Just another elitist who won't all home."

He wasn't finished,
"Ignatieff said taxes need to increase, his polls plummet.
Now he says "no tax increase". Must be hanging around MaGuinty too much. Both liars."

Still not done,
"The guy will say anything.
 Obviously Trudeau was actually RIGHT. no left, i mean right ;)"

I paused for a moment as I tried to find a way to be polite about what I thought of his "level of mentality."

This was my final comment before I left to visit my brother,
"It is unfortunate that you have such a jaundiced view of the world.

If I had to guess your personality, I would have to say the following:
1. Conservative.
2. Christian.
3. Average education.
4. Opinionated.
5. Close minded.
6. Someone who is easily convinced of conspiracies.
7. Some one who is afraid to look for the truth.

I'm sure your a very nice person but, you don't seem to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation.

I am now sure that I definitely have wasted my time.


I've checked a few times since I returned home but, he hasn't responded to my last comment.
Maybe I scared him away.

After this one sided discourse I thought to myself that I had in effect wasted my time.

I also checked out this guy's profile on YouTube.

He really is a fuck-nut wackjob.

Sorry there just is no other way to put it.

As I reread the comment about my being an ignorant Marxist elitist, I can't help but wonder what he meant by "who won't all home."

I may have to ask him.

Here is the page, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZaWrYtIMwk&NR=1

It's almost election season again.

The Harper attack ads have already started even though an election has not been called.

Strangely enough, the attack ads are the same ones used in the spring when Harper "dismissed" parliament in an attempt to save his ass.

Fortunately, Michael Ignatieff has not returned in kind.

This video, from Environmental Defence is a great spoof of the Harper attack ad.

Here is a look at the Liberal party and Michael Ignatieff.

Iggy tells it like it is.

When this election is finally called, we must do everything possible to eject the emperor from parliament.

We must restore our democracy.

Vote Liberal.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What do I believe?

That is a very good question.

I believe in methodological naturalism.
I believe we posses a soul.

In short, I'm still exploring.

There are many questions to ask.