Monday, April 07, 2008

DeSmog's Jim Hoggan on Astroturfing and Greenwashing

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Who ever said we have to become cavemen?

I'm not sure why but, a large number of anthropogenic global warming deniers believe that the only way to reduce our impact on the environment is to return to the caves.

Where they get this idea from is puzzling.

Not one person who has taken it upon themselves to explain the science of global warming has ever said that the only way to reduce its impact is by dropping everything and heading for the hills.

Al Gore, David Suzuki, James Hansen and many other prominent environmentalists have given their time to explain to us, the inhabitants of planet Earth, what the science is telling us.

So, what is it telling us?

The science is clear; we are having an affect on the global environment. Period!

Like it or not we are not “separated” from our environment. Our actions have an affect on the water we drink, the earth we grow our food in and the air we breathe. Any one who would deny this is just being intentionally difficult.

So what is the solution?

Simply put improved efficiency and the reduction of environmentally destructive practices.

By increasing our efficiency in all areas of consumption and production we will automatically decrease the amount of damage we do to the environment.

We are already making changes towards these ends. Reducing waste through recycling helps to keep reusable materials out of the garbage dump, as well as reducing the need for “virgin” materials. Changing all of our light bulbs from incandescent to compact fluorescent bulbs, while a small change in itself, will make a difference in energy conservation.

Nobody is advocating that society return to the Stone Age.
Nobody is advocating that we destroy the economy.
Nobody is advocating that we sacrifice our way of life to save an endangered goat in some far away land.

Environmentalists are advocating that we improve energy efficiency.
Environmentalists are advocating that we reduce our waste.
Environmentalists are advocating the protection of natural habitats that will ensure the protection of endangered species while maintaining balance in the ecosystem.

An all or nothing solution isn’t the answer; all thought the deniers would have you believe that it is.

“Wherever our head goes our ass will follow.”
Presently it seems as though our ass is telling our head where to go.