Saturday, January 29, 2011

Five years, five ministers of the environment. Welcome Mr. Kent.

During Prime Minister Harper's reign as a minority/majority government, he has managed to shuffle four, one MP twice, different MP's into the position of environment minister.
Unfortunately for Canada,and the environment, none of them have actually done anything to protect the environment.

Our latest environment minister, Peter Kent, wasted no time in tackling the issue of the tar sands.

In fact it seemed to be the very first thing he did as the newly minted minister of the environment.

So just what did he do?

Well after just being appointed the previous day, he defiantly came to the aid of the tar sands and made it quite clear that emissions rules will not hamper oil production/environmental destruction in the tar sands.

"Labels such as "dirty oil" and claims that bitumen extraction is the most destructive industrial activity on the planet are overblown" , Mr. Kent said.

"There has been a lot of disinformation and outright misinformation," Kent told the Calgary Herald on January 5th.

"There has been a demonizing of a legitimate resource," he added. "It is ethical oil. It is regulated oil. And it's secure oil in a world where many of the free world's oil sources are somewhat less secure."

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The following day he reiterated his previous comments and added the following, “Our focus for the next several years is going to continue to be on maintaining the economic recovery and we will do nothing in the short term which would unnecessarily compromise or threaten to compromise that recovery.”

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Just which portfolio is he the minister of, the environment or the economy?

Is it any wonder that the DeSmog blog's Emma Pullman has referred to Peter Kent as the minister of Environmental Destruction.


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