Sunday, February 19, 2006

A day at the Auto Show

Yesterday I spent 6 hours at the Canadian International Auto Show, CIAS, in Toronto. I go every year, if possible. Most times I go just to sit in cars and see what's new and upcoming. This time I was doing more than just looking around. Later this year I will be buying another car to "lighten" the load on my poor old Neon. I, along with 3 of my friends, wandered through the multiple show floors while kicking tires, slamming doors and sitting in any car that caught our fancies. Of course the cars range from small econo-boxes right up to luxurious marvels that pamper or enliven the spirit. But, I was thinking a little more practical. I’ve narrowed my choices down to 2 vehicles. I was sure I was going to buy a PT Cruiser until I heard about the Dodge Caliber.

I’m actually excited about the Caliber. When I first heard that the Neon replacement would be a hatchback, I was disappointed. Before my Neon I had a hatchback. Its large spacious window afforded any passer-by a great view of the inside of my car. But the Caliber is nothing like my old 79 AMC Spirit.

The interior is spacious, more so than my Neon. The dash has a hint of the older Neon with a dash of PT-Cruiser.

I think I could see myself in a New Dodge Caliber. Now if I could do something about the price, it may just happen.