Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Green Living Show

From start to finish the Green Living Show was a huge success.

I arrived at the Direct Energy Centre shortly after 9:00 am and joined a growing line of people eagerly waiting to see Al Gore. When the time came for us to enter the theatre area I quickly found a seat and “patiently” waited for the beginning of the presentation. The movie was very good but, the live presentation is incredible. Sitting in the audience with us was Premier Dalton McGuinty and David Suzuki. It was soon apparent that the recent announcement of our federal government’s lame attempt to combat global warming had “disappointed” the former Vice-President. For almost half an hour he expressed his views about this fraud against the Canadians and how similar this plan is to the one his government is working on. With the addition of some new material and a personal touch that can only be appreciated by a live presentation, he “brought the house down”. The presentation ended a half hour later than planned but nobody complained.

With all the interesting speakers I barely had time to see any of the amazing products and ideas being displayed on the show floor.

Stay tuned for more reports.