Monday, August 31, 2009

Affirmations of the New Skepticism.

Paul Kurtz reading the Affirmations Of The New Skepticism.

Below is a copy of those affirmations.


The methods of critical inquiry used so effectively in science need to be extended to all areas of human interests. All claims to knowledge should be open to revision in the light of inquiry.

Skeptical inquiry is essential for the development of human knowledge. It represents a historic tradition in science, philosophy, and learning. We may distinguish skeptical inquiry, with emphasis on inquiry, from classical skepticism, which was apt to be negative, even nihilistic. This form of skepticism is a new skepticism, for it is positive and constructive; its principles are essential for the development of knowledge about nature and human behavior. With these considerations in mind, a set of principles serves as guidelines for skeptical inquirers:

WE BELIEVE in the possibility of discovering reliable human knowledge. We affirm the positive powers of human intelligence. We believe that the methods of scientific inquiry can expand the frontiers of knowledge and that these can be used for the betterment of humankind.

WE SUBMIT that skepticism is an essential part of scientific inquiry and that it should be extended to all areas of human endeavor—science, everyday life, law, religion and the paranormal, economics, politics, ethics, and society—and that the standards of rationality apply to each area of human interest.

WE BELIEVE that critical thinking is inherent in all worthwhile inquiry about the world and that it can be enlisted to solve problems, neutralize animosities, compromise hatred, and negotiate differences.

WE BELIEVE in clarity rather that obfuscation, lucidity in the place of confusion, and linguistic definitions to overcome vagueness or ambiguity.

WE DO NOT reject any claim to knowledge prior to inquiry. We insist, however, that claims be framed in testable form and that the burden of proof rests primarily with the party asserting the claim.

WE ASK for facts, not suppositions; experimental evidence, not anecdotal hearsay or conjecture; logical inference and deduction, not faith or intuition.

WE DO NOT believe in absolute dogmas or creeds, whether set in stone or proclaimed as official doctrine.

WE REJECT mythologies of salvation whether based in ancient fears or current messianic illusions, unsubstantiated by corroborative empirical grounds. We believe in inquiry rather than authority, reason in the place of tradition.

WE MAINTAIN that reason and science can be used to develop new technologies, alleviate suffering and reduce pain, and ameliorate and enhance human happiness.

WE SUBMIT that rational inquiry can help us to develop and test ethical principles, moral values, and social policies and thus can contribute to human well-being.

WE ARE NOT negative skeptics, naysayers, debunkers, cynics, or nihilists. We simply wish to oppose hypocrisy, cant, deception, and illusion. We emphasize instead the tests of evidence and rationality.

In short, we believe that critical inquiry is the best way to frame our means and fulfill our ends.

Paul Kurtz

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Religion free Sunday.

Lets try this a different way.

Although a belief in god is the major part of the majority of religion today, it seems unfair to bring to light the fallices and idiocies of just one religious group.

Therefore, starting today, all religions are fair game for exposure.

To qualify, all one has to do is, in a matter of speaking, make an ass of ones self.

Simple, yet, I think, an effective way to expose stupidity in any and all religions.

Will this eliminate a bias towards christians?

Most likely not. Given that the area I live in is predominately christian.

However, as I stated earlier, all religious groups will be treated as equal as possible.

Thus the name change from, Godless religion day to Religion free Sunday.

So, without further ado, lets begin.

Penn & Teller: Bullshit - The Vatican from Stian Solberg on Vimeo.

Next up.

The pope believes that we, atheists, are responsible for global warming, and


Please bear with me as I make a few changes to this blog.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Peter Sinclair's Climate Denial Crook of the Week. Double play.

Week of August 24.

Week of August 17.

Friday, August 07, 2009

More dis-information and climate looniness.

First we visit the U.K., where Roger Helmer Conservative MEP is upset that a new wind farm is being supported by a terrible special interest lobby group, The friends of the Earth.
This simply must be stopped. The grassroots organization, which is more than likely supported by the coal or oil industry, or both, is using the same old excuses to stop the wind farm development in their area.

Also from Mr. Helmer.

Is Mr. Helmer a lobbyist for the nuclear power industry?

What does Mr. Helmer think about renewable energy?

Mr. Helmer likes Sarah Palin. That explains a lot.

A quick look at the Eurinfo report.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

They come from everywhere.

This interview, with Wendy Wright from the Concerned Women for America group, is another fine example of "head in the sand" mentality.

At just past the 7:13 minute mark she tells Richard Dawkins that "those in favour of evolution can't show us the evidence we are looking for."

That's the real problem. It's not that there isn't evidence for evolution, there is in fact overwhelming evidence, it's just that it doesn't meet their criteria, i.e. no mention of god or creation.

She mentions the need to be open minded, as if creationists are open minded.
Wendy also claims scientist are not experts in the field of science. In fact, "Joe the plumber" is more qualified to make decisions on science maters than a trained scientist.