Friday, September 28, 2007

Fight Climate Change Like We Fight Terror!, ya right!

As I have heard many times, on the topic of global warming the Bush administration wants 100% certainty that action is needed. However, the “claim” that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction” required 0% certainty to solicit immediate and swift action.

Does this new position on global warming mean that the Bush administration is going to take immediate real action to reduce man made greenhouse gas emissions?

Don’t count on it!

What they really mean is that, lucrative government contracts will continue to be doled out to friends and supporters to find ways to “become” more eco-friendly.
Big industry will continue to receive huge grants and tax breaks if they claim to be working on environmentally friendly technology.
Main stream energy research will continue to chase the “hydrogen economy dream”.
We'll continue to spew ever increasing amounts of man made CO2 into the atmosphere, and best of all the Bush administration will happily continue to dither along, promoting an all out war against “climate change”, when in fact the actual war is against those who are working to protect the environment.

It looks as though the Bush administration is already fighting “climate change” the same way they are fighting terrorism.



Anonymous Noelani said...

Interesting to know.

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