Friday, June 08, 2007

G8 Climate resolution a complete waste of time.

For those of you who had hoped something substantial would result from this series of meetings, SORRY.

As is usual when you have Mr. Bush involved in talks about climate change, the end result is always a huge, but expected, disappointment.

With the pledge to re-pledge money already pledged, but never given, to fight AIDS in Africa, the focus has been shifted away from global calamity to yet another attempt to throw money at a problem in the hope that it will solve itself.

The entire climate commitment portion of the meeting has been placed way back on the back burner. It is extremely difficult to find any mention of what has happened in the mainstream media, short attention spans I guess.

Being a Canadian I couldn't help but post this line from the article, "and Harper is as much W.'s lapdog as Blair ever was."

This line mirrors my sentiment about our Prime Minister perfectly!

This is the best story I have found so far:


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