Friday, June 22, 2007

Helping to make a difference.

On Tuesday June 19th, I sent a fax through the web site to help save the Ogoki forest.

Today I received a letter from the Area Forester, Heather Farrer, thanking me for my comments with a promise that she will forward my recommendations to the Ogaki forest planning team.

While I don't believe that my "letter" will turn the tide in this battle, it is still nice to know that the recipient of my "letter" has actually seen it and has taken the time to fire off a response. The response may only be a form letter but, it shows that at least someone is paying attention.

With this response comes a glimmer of hope that maybe I, along with many other concerned environmentalists, can make a difference.

I just hope she used FSC approved paper and envelopes.


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