Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kyoto is not dead yet.

We, as a nation, gave our word to reduce CO2 emissions in accordance with the Kyoto Accord.

At first we continued on with business as usual. Emissions increased.
Then the government made lame attempts to rally citizens to make voluntary cuts. Emissions increased.
The government changed and we continued with business as usual. Emissions increased.
The new government removed any incentive for citizens to reduce emissions. Emissions increased.
The government talked about a plan, one that closely mirrors the “Bush” plan. Emissions increased.
Government and big business wined about how “trying” to meet our Kyoto commitment would ruin our economy. Emissions increased.
Now the government has a plan. A plan that would reduce our emissions by introducing "intensity based" cuts to reduce CO2 levels to 20% below 2006 levels. Emissions will continue to increase.

Honouring our commitment to Kyoto will not destroy the economy. Ignoring our commitment to Kyoto will help destroy the environment.

Sing the petition to save Kyoto at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/savekyoto/


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