Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another confused AGW denier.

After reading a story on the Desmog blog today I followed the link to a letter that was written by a fellow in Surrey. The letter, which was written by an AGW denier, was factually incorrect. So I replied to it. Now I will have to wait and see if they publish it.

Here is the letter I sent.

In Response to Shrill environmentalists published on January 27th, 2008. Mr. Mac Savage claims that Al Gore is silent because he is busy shovelling snow in Toronto. What he thinks he knows, just aint so. For the past two evenings it has been raining in Toronto. The high temperature on January 28th was 1.7C and on the 28th it was 8.2C. Those temperatures occurred during the night, the time at which the low temperature should occur. The last day it snowed was on the 26th. However, the snow cover was barely noticeable and was definitely not worth shovelling. As for the $5 million wasted on carbon offsets, that money would have been better spent if the host nation simply invested in real carbon reduction technology that would be used at the Olympics. Carbon offsets are nothing more than “green washing”.

Here is the link to the letter:

And here is the link to the story on the Desmog blog:


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