Tuesday, January 08, 2008

RE: Global Warming and Greenhouse Hot Air by H.V. Nussey

This is a reprint of a letter I sent to the editor of the Remnant newspaper today.

In response to H.V. Nussey’s article, Global Warming and Greenhouse Hot Air, I hope that I can open a few eyes to a dangerous deception being touted as fact by global warming deniers.

Once again an article has been written to refute the position that humanity is contributing to the global increase in average temperature. It is amazing and somewhat perplexing that the author of this article believes that the conclusions of the IPCC, a multinational scientific organization comprised of thousands of credible scientists, can be summarily dismissed with simple grade school math and misinformation. The overall message delivered by this latest attempt to convince us that human induced global warming is nothing more than a hoax is simply deceptive. The author has attempted to belittle the contributions of CO2 induced warming while maintaining that even if there was an increase in CO2 levels it would be to our benefit. He then uses the fallacy of solar warming as a lame excuse for the global increase in average temperature. Given that the sun has been experiencing a decline in solar activity for the past few years, the theory of solar induced global warming makes no sense, and has already been dismissed by credible scientists.

The utter lack of an understanding of basic global warming science shown in this article is unfortunate. However, Mr. Nussey is not entirely to blame. His use of faulty data, supplied by discredited scientists and organizations has led him to the wrong conclusions. We are not the sole cause of global warming, there are many contributing factors. However, we are contributing to an increase in its intensity. One only has only to look at the global environment to notice that something is not quite right.

Now I am waiting to see if the will actually print this letter.
The Remnant is a Christian newspaper that strongly believes that AGW doesn't exist.


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