Sunday, December 30, 2007

Do Canadians really care about global warming?

Yes and No.


We are concerned that the environment is changing. We are worried about the increase in pollution that may be contributing to a rise in global temperature. We’ve all noticed the change in the weather over the years and we have all commented on how out of “whack” it is now compared to when we were young. We are upset that our government hasn’t taken action to reduce harmful emissions from the large corporate polluters. In fact our government has decided to allow the largest polluters to increase their emissions output while at the same time telling us that we must reduce our harmful emissions.


We are also concerned that making choices that may or may not make a difference in reducing harmful emissions will burden our already hectic and difficult lives. As it is now, most Canadians work well beyond 40hrs a week just to keep their heads above water. The majority of family’s include two working parents as a necessity. Most people wouldn’t be able to make a substantial change in their daily habits without compromising their way of life, and that’s something we aren’t willing to do.

The debate about whether global warming is man made or not is unimportant. What ever the cause, be it natural or man made, something has to be done. The contributions of 1 000 households cutting a tonne of CO2 emissions is miniscule when compared to a large scale CO2 emitter reducing it’s emissions by just 1 percent during the same time period.
The bottom line is that we know there is a problem, however; we are not willing or able to fix it on our own.

Things are changing, as they always have and will continue to do so. The only difference now is the rate of change.

Who will survive and who will not?

Deciding not to take action is deciding to be inactive.


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