Monday, February 18, 2008

An odd “paradox”?

It seems very odd, at least to me, that the very people who would tell us that we should not trust the government and big business because they are lying to us about the existence of a hidden agenda and the coming “new world order”, are the very same people that tell us that we should trust the government and big business when they tell us that man made global warming is just a hoax and not fact.

Is this a case of believe what you want to believe and ignore the rest?

If the Bilderberg group really is bent on world domination, which of course they would deny if you ask them, then why would you believe them when they tell you anthropogenic global warming is just an anti-capitalist hoax?

There is a very real possibility that this group, as well as many other groups and government agents, are in fact planning and working towards a “new world order” in which the non-elected elite will control all countries and their citizens through manipulation, subversion and trickery.

It’s time to wake up and stop listening to the industry funded “grassroots” groups that redirect the cause of global warming in every other direction in an attempt to confuse the issue and prevent us from taking real action against the true destroyers of our environment.


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