Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is this a warning of the coming chaos and possible breakdown of civilization?

Military readies reservists for threats to 'domestic front'

Is this the realization of the beginning of the police state?
Is our government so bold that they can finally reveal their hidden agenda?

Yes and no.

Yes they are bold. The story they tell us is the type of story we want to hear.
They are doing all of this for our own protection.

No they are still hiding the real reason why they believe this is necessary.

There are many signs that point to the possibility that Ottawa is getting ready for the coming economic collapse and the civil chaos that may occur as a result.

Happily enough the government is reassuring us that our deposits are safe by running commercials to inform us of the CDIC's commitment to insure our savings.
Why are they telling us this now?
Are they afraid of a run on the bank?
Most people don't even have savings, just lots of debt.

Then this recent story about reservists being retrained as domestic military police.

Maybe I'm wrong.

But, I will be keeping an eye out for other signs, just in case.

Read these and form your own opinion::


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