Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Canada’s New Environmental Policy

Last Thursday’s announcement of Canada’s new Clean Air Act is nothing short of an environmental “snub”. I would be very upset if I actually believed that this was the best they could do, but I’m not.

This is only a “proposed bill”.

In short it hasn’t “got legs”.

It has to follow the same process as any other bill. In theory it could take years to come into effect. And none of that really matters; the opposition has already stated that they will not accept this proposed bill.

So, what does all of this really mean?

The Conservatives has saved “face”. They have proposed a solution to our environmental woes and we have said no. It’s not their fault, they tried and we refused. Their lame attempt to solve the growing problem of global warming has been rejected by all, with the exception of “big business”. The heavy GHG emitters think this bill is fair. It will give them the time they need to “create” new technology’s that will solve all of their problems.

Our “New Government” has sent a clear message to anyone who will listen.
- Kyoto is “dead” to Canada.
- Big Business, Tar sands, mining, logging … etc. Will not be forced to help save the environment.
- The average Canadian will have to take it upon themselves to do their part for the environment.

In the end we will continue with the status-quo.

Is it possible that this was the point of this exercise in the first place?


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