Sunday, October 01, 2006

War on Terror or War on Global Warming?

There seems to be a growing group of “concerned scientists, military experts, public servants and citizens” that believe that global terrorism is more dangerous to mankind than global warming.
It would appear that there is a large network of terrorists that spans all over the world. There is no place that is safe from their reach.
How do we identify them?
Is their weapon of choice a gun, bomb or exhaust pipe?
Are they “religious extremists” or heavy GHG emitters?
They are both.
Whether it is Al Qaeda or ExxonMobil, the end results are the same. Suicide bombers and heavy emitters all kill without discretion. It is said that “the first victim of war is innocence”. It would seem that it is quickly followed by intelligence. The war on terror has cost the American people millions of dollars and hundreds of lives. The war on global warming has cost a lot less money, due to inaction, but it has taken a higher toll on life all over the planet. Not just human life, all life.
Does it make sense to waste vast economic and human resources fighting a misguided war that may help bring about the destruction of humanity?
It seems as though the real “war” being waged today is fought between mankind and Mother Earth. Our inactivity with regard to excessive polluting and waste has been over shadowed by a war to secure oil and continued gluttony.
The basic support system of life on this planet starts with the plants. With or without us they can survive.
Next are the animals. They depend upon the plants for their very existence. Remove the plants and the animals will die from starvation.
Finally we have humans. They depend upon the plants and the animals to keep themselves alive. Without plants and animals they will starve to death. Humans are intelligent enough to understand this relationship. Unfortunately they also seem to be hell bent on screwing it up. In our rush “to have great things” we have been slowly destroying the plants, which in turn has caused some of the animals to disappear. In nature there is balance. If the plants grow out of control, the animal population will flourish. More animals consume plants until there are fewer plants. Then the overpopulation of animals will begin to decline as the food source grows smaller. In the end all is returned to its balanced state. In humanity there is no balance. We are all rushing to have the highest standard of living no matter what the cost. In the fight for balance, Mother Earth is falling behind.
Our resources would be better spent on maintaining our life support system instead of maintaining our “wants and desires” system.
In the end Mother Earth will win. If she has to she will simply starve us out.


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