Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ontario's lame environment policy.

A recent report from the Environmental Commissioner, Gord Miller, says that "Ontario's climate is changing because of the build-up of greenhouse gases, yet the province has not developed a strategy for adapting to the changes." The commissioner is also warning Ontarians that severe weather may strain the provincial infrastructure to the point of breaking. He cites recent severe weather events such as the flooding in Peterborough and large power outages.

In a related story, the Premier, Dalton McGuinty, sent a message to Ottawa informing them that when it comes to putting a cap on green house gas emissions, they should concentrate on the oil and gas industry in Alberta and leave the auto manufacturers of Ontario alone.

What’s wrong with this government? These two reports would indicate that the McGuinty liberals don’t give a damn about the environment. Their attitude seems to be that when it comes to “cleaning up” we should look elsewhere. After all, it’s not our fault. Someone else is clearly to blame.

Once again we see the interests of big business put ahead of protection of the environment. As McGuinty said,” forcing the automakers to reduce emissions would hurt the auto industry in Ontario.”

In the fight for better air and better cars it looks as though the people of Ontario have lost on both counts.


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