Tuesday, May 19, 2009

President Obama speaks at Notre Dame

This is a great moment in history.
Against all the cries of the "anti-abortionist camp" about how wrong it would be for president Obama, a "pro-death" president, to speak at a catholic university, he did it anyway.
I salute him for his conviction.
I salute Notre Dame for not knuckling under to the will of the religious fanatics.
And no, we are not all going to "hell".

I hope that president Obama will continue to stand up to the religious "wackaloons". Within his first 100 days he has reversed a dangerous trend, in which the previous administration promoted superstition over reason. By promoting an understanding of science and reason instead of fearing "supernatural" reprisals if god's will is not done, president Obama could bring the U.S. back into a role of leadership in the fields of science and medicine.

If only we could elect someone who promotes science and reason over superstitious beliefs.

President Obama Notre Dame Speech (Part 1)

President Obama Notre Dame Speech (Part 2)

President Obama Notre Dame Speech (Part 3)


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