Sunday, May 10, 2009

Godless Religion day.

I dropped the "bashing" part because we should be teaching, not beating, when it comes to pointing out the crazy things some people do when religion is involved.

First point, a story about a young man who just wants to take his girlfriend to her prom. Unfortunately for him, the baptist school he attends has forbidden it.
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Second point, a story about a mother who is refusing to allow her son the treatment he needs to stay alive. Her claim, it is against her religion. What religion is this? One of the many "fringe" religions, the Nemenhah religious group.
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And finally a video from the guys in Austin Texas, the Atheist Experience.

I know this is an old show but, it's a good one.

Even though I'm on vacation and I'm using my half-ass notebook keyboard, I wouldn't miss Godless Religion day for anything.


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