Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My weekend with a 2006 PT Cruiser

Last weekend I rented a PT Cruiser to transport myself and three members of my family to Peterborough Ontario.

During the three days that I had the car I found it to be "peppier" than my Neon, 150 hp vs. 132hp, taller and more comfortable.

The interior is spacious, almost cavernous, with plenty of head, leg, and shoulder room. All aboard where comfortable.

The rear cargo area was much larger, and adaptable, than a compact car's trunk.

The updated restyling of the 2006 model falls more in line with the newer concept cars. The clean sharp lines of the center instrument stack look very similar to a high end stereo.

The bumper redesign was apperently done to "beef up" the Cruiser's look. I like it.

This extended test drive has helped me decide that this will more than likely be my next car.


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