Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Northern Frontiers, Ontario

Downtown Moosonee, Ontario, July 2005

Once in Moosonee you realize that the big city, which is roughly over a thousand kilometres away, is far behind you. This frontier town is still relatively isolated in that everything comes or goes mainly by rail and less often by air. The only road that leads to Moosonee is the railroad!

The northern most tip of Shipsands Island, mouth of the Moose river, July 2005

Near the mouth of the Moose River, Shipsands Island slopes toward the bay and looses almost all form of vegetation. This Island has been designated as a Waterfowl Sanctuary and it also has the distinction of being the largest island in the Moose River.

James Bay from the mouth of the Moose river, July 2005

James Bay is the starting point of my arctic exploration. My future plans include a visit to Churchill Manitoba to see the Polar Bears and a visit to Iqaluit in Nunavut.


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