Sunday, June 19, 2005

Lake Erie Perch and missed adventure.

Yesterday we traveled to Port Dover in search of adventure and a meal of Perch. Our first stop was at Knechtels. Located near the beach, on Walker Street, Knechtels is a great place for a perch meal. It is always packed and yesterday was no exception. After we gorged ourselves on perch we headed towards the lighthouse. The lake was calm, the sky grey and there was a small cool breeze in the air. But there was no adventure. We walked along Harbour Street. In the water, a few Mallard ducks with three of their young were splashing about, and although they where cute, they where not adventuresome. We turned on to Main Street and headed back to Walker Street, still no sign of adventure. We were about to return to my car and leave when my spouse suggested that we get an ice cream. Finally we had a chance for adventure, or misadventure. Two medium soft cones later we had decided that we had come to the end of our stay in Port Dover. There was no adventure to be found here today.

The trip home was uneventful and quiet.


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